Be Still And Know That He Is God

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4 min readAug 5, 2022


“Be still, and know that I am God; ………….” (Psalm 46:10).

Now to be still is simply to remain static. In other words, to remain unmolested, undisturbed and uninterrupted in a certain position without moving or making noise or sounds.

The phrase “be still” in Psalm 46:10 means remaining in the same position both physically and in mind and heart. That is to mean don’t sit down while your mind and heart are walking. Or don’t let your eyes be fixed on a certain topic while your heart and mind have left the scene. When your body sits down, also calm your mind and heart. As your body is at rest, also let your mind be at rest. Be in the same present position both in the body and mind. What you are focusing on physically, let it also be fixed in the mind. Be at rest both in the body and mind. Be fixed and focus on the same thing both in the body and mind. As you make your body remain in a certain position without moving or making a sound, also make your mind be in that position without hovering, roaming, talking and making all types and kinds of movement and noise. Be still. Be still both in the body and mind. Be at rest both in the body and mind.

“…….and know……..”. And know means to recognize. Be aware of the truth. Have knowledge without doubt and finally fix in mind. What are you supposed to recognize, be aware of, have knowledge without doubt and fix in mind? ……. that he is God.

Here God is telling you that be at rest. Let your actions and thoughts be at rest. He is simply talking to you to stop worrying. Stop being anxious. Stop working out your own way, and stop thinking thoughts that do not give him glory or are not in line with his word and will. But how?

Next, he shows you how. He says that after being still, then “know”. What are you supposed to know? You are supposed to know that he is God.

How are you supposed to know? You know him by how the word of God says of Him. Know him by reading his word. Know him by studying his word. Know him by meditating upon his word, and lastly, by putting his word into practice. You also know he is God through listening to messages preached by his servant. Hearing the testimonies of what he has done to others and reading the books and others material written by men and women of the integrity of God.

You must rely and depend on the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit, through your spirit, will reveal to you the reality of God. He will teach you what you don’t know about God. He will bring to remembrance what you have forgotten, and he will show you things to come (John 14:26; 15:26;16:7–14).

There are many voices in this world. That is why it is important to be still. That is fix the word of God in your mind. Let your mind be fixed in the word of God. Then recognize your Creator. Allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you. To recognize the voice of the Holy Spirit from many other voices around you is something you have to learn. It doesn’t come just instantly. It takes time as you build your relationship and fellowship with the Holy Spirit through the word, worship, Prayer and remaining silent for him to talk to you, that is, being still.

Why is it important to be still and know that he is God? When you don’t remain focused and fixed on the word of God and God in your mind, heart and action; then “the cares of this world, the deceitfulness of riches, and the desires for other things entering in choke the word, and it becomes unfruitful,” (Mark 4:19). Then you will become anxious, troubled, unrest and at long last Hopelessness.

Being still and knowing that he is God is the only sure way to keep off of what is compaining for your attention in the heart, mind and this life. This is also the only sure way to guard your heart against other pollution that will bring about anxiety, restlessness, and Hopelessness, which leads to depression and all sorts of sickness and diseases.

“Be still” is a command from God. Therefore obey it. “And know that” is simply the process of keeping the commandments. Accept it and put it into practice. “I am God” this is the commander. The one who gives the command, “be still.” When your fix your mind on the commander who is God and built your relationship and fellowship with him daily, through his word, worship, Prayer and obeying the voice of the spirit. He manifests his power to you. He unleashes his blessings on you. He lavishes you with his unmerited favour.

It is just simple. Obey his command. Put it into practice and see the commander and his power with everything under his disposal working mightily in your life and in your favour. Always keep him in your mind. Fix your mind on him and his word. Hallelujah!!

Prayer and Meditation

Father in Jesus' name, help me to be still and perceive, recognize, know and understand that you are God, in Jesus’s name. Amen.

By Gilbert Magomere Ayieko



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