Dr. Tony Evans’s Quotes on Discovering your Destiny

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3 min readSep 25, 2021

- “Destiny is your customized life calling for which God has equipped and ordained you in order to bring Him the greatest glory and the maximum expansion of His kingdom.”

- “When you know what you’re here for, there may be a lot of voices, but they don’t distract you.”

- “At the heart of destiny is serving the purposes of God.”

- “If you disconnect your life from God, you disconnect yourself from your destiny.”

- “God crafts unique people for unique purposes that will bring Him glory, bring others good, and expand and advance His kingdom in history.”

- “You’re not an off-the-shelf saint. You’ve been custom-designed, uniquely made.”

- “God has so constructed your uniqueness that He wants His name attached to you.”

- “You’ve gotta hold your head up high and think of yourself no longer as ordinary because you have now been designated by your Creator as extraordinary.”

- “Whatever God has for your destiny is valuable and we can’t live without it.”

- “Some of the primary things that God uses to help us identify His divine, designed destiny are our experiences.”

- “God has the ability to take our mess and construct our miracles.”

- “One of the reasons many have not reached their destiny that they have not learned from their failures.”

- “God has a way of taking our bad and making us better.”

- “If you have failed, don’t make it a waste. Make it something God can use to take you to a destiny that benefits others.”

- “The way God leads us to our destiny is by crafting intersections.” “Keep your eyes open for the intersections. They’re all around you.”

- “God is a God of the ordinary, not merely the extraordinary.”

- “Most of God’s intersections will come through your ordinary donkey-chasing.”

- “If you would just be faithful chasing donkeys…God knows how to hook you up and connect you, at the right place, at the right time, with the right person.”

- “When we abide in His presence, He speaks.”

- “God wants to show you the next steps toward your destiny, but He wants to know that you’re in a place to hear Him speak.”

- “You must remove yourself from the static of this world order.”

- “You can’t have clarity from heaven if you’re listening to voices on earth.”

- “Many people don’t understand or are confused about the ministry of the Holy Spirit. His job is not only to teach the Word, it’s to lead us in its application in our lives.”

- “Don’t just go to church. Go to worship.”

- “Stay close to Him. Keep ministering to Him. He knows exactly where He’s taking you.”

- “Even in the dark places, God has a plan for you.”

- “The good news is you don’t have to find your destiny. You just have to find God and He will give you your destiny.”

- “You have value before God, so you have a destiny.”

- “God is a junkyard specialist. He can take things that have been thrown away and turn them into masterpieces, demonstrating their awesome value.”

These quotes are attributed to Dr. Tony Evans