Please Read what Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams has for the Church

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5 min readJul 1, 2021

I want to use this medium to tell about a Revelation I had about our Church.
I know some persons may attack me because of this maybe due to guilty conscience or whatsoever. But I have to take this burden off my neck and have my conscience free.

God spoke to me expressly concerning the Church and I wept bitterly after he finished.

It all happened this way; We lost a very good brother in Church to a mysterious sickness. This brother was too young and very dedicated. He was just about 22 and was a great lifeline in both the choir and the youth department. He was a born-again child of God and I was always challenged by his level of dedication. When he fell seriously ill we prayed. The church prayed on many occasions seeking God’s healing for him, but at last, we lost him. This is one death that has pained my spirit even up till today and would never cease to.

Prior to this, there was another sister we lost. She was very dedicated too and her husband was also a great Child of God. They were without children for many years after marriage, but they never wavered in their faith. But suddenly, she became pregnant and the church was in great joy. But we lost her during childbirth and upon the prayers, tears and pleading to God to spare her life, we lost her.

A lot of deaths in the church which were not so before now and situations that refuse to respond to prayers nowadays which were not also like this before now prompted me to seek God to know what has gone wrong.
Specifically, my dear friend’s death made me cry and still cry bitterly till today.

I embarked on a 33 days prayer because I wanted to be restored from my weaknesses and failures and also to know the reason for various negative happenings in our Churches, and why such negative incidences don’t obey our prayers anymore. Throughout the period of my fervent prayers with tears, I heard nothing from God, but on the last day of my prayers, being so weak and feeling God was never going to tell me anything, He appeared to me in the form of an old man and he told me things that made me still beg for mercy till today.

Here is it:

He said to me, “ You have requested to know and I will tell you. The gathering you call a church is no longer a church before my eyes but a place of tussle for power, position, fame, division, superiority, supremacy and authority. Many Shepherds who were supposed to protect the sheep from Lions have become the Lions devouring the very sheep handed into their care. The Hearts of the people are divided against each other and brothers are seeking the downfall of brothers for the sake of position and authority. The altar of the church has become a boxing ring where Shepherds, Pastors and Deacons/Deaconesses fight each other fiercely both with punches and fouls words to become the last man standing and the superior to all. Pastors drag pastors in church to take over my alter for their personal interests.

The church is divided among themselves choosing leaders based on what they stand to gain materially rather than what they stand to gain spiritually. Pastors fight Pastors for positions and members fight Pastors for possession of the church.

Brethren who were of the same fold now divide against each other and pray to me against each other seeking the downfall of each other from my hands.
The sacred things of my temple are being used for selfish purposes and the occultic members of the world are now the people judging the sacred matters of the church in court and taking decisions for the church to make peace, yet my people wouldn’t stop fighting themselves.

The church has become a war and battleground where leaders fight for superiority and power due to the quest for financial benefits and control over whatever and whoever they want to control. I am very bitter with the Church .”

Now, this is the part that shocked me. He said; “Because of this, I no longer listen to their prayers as a church, but I only listen to individual prayers from a very few of her members who are still burning in desire to know me. The prayers from them as a church to me has become an abomination before me because the hearts from which the prayers come are not United, but filled with division and hatred towards one another.

When they pray to me as a church demanding solutions to situations, I tend to see a group of people who pretend to be together, but in the real sense, they are against each other and against me as well. They don’t pray for mercy and unity, rather they pray to me to deal with their own brothers and sisters because no one wants to be a subordinate to the other. Everyone wants to be the superior and the one gaining.

I have decided to only listen to individual prayers from sincere hearts, not a prayer from a group of hypocrites who call on me from their lips, but inside their hearts lies wickedness, jealousy, envy, false witnessing, covetousness, ungodly plans and great division. That is why they pray for healing, I become slow to it. They pray for blessings, I tend to bless only a few with sincere hearts. Their offerings, tithes and seeds have become filthy before me because they come from unclean hearts and hands that have shed blood.

I have decided to be calling home the upright ones in the church in death through various ways — Some through sickness, and others through situations I deem proper. I would have allowed them to stay, but I don’t want to lose them. So I take them home while they are in good standing with me. Cry no more for your brother and friend was called home by me just like I have called other children of mine.

The time is too short and judgement day is at the corner. You should stand firm and don’t take your eyes off me for the evil day is very near.
But as for the Church, a lot will happen and is yet to come, unless they come back together in one heart like in the days of old and seek me. And I will forgive them and heal their hearts and heal their lives and heal their lands. But if they fail to do so, I will deal with them in my own way. Go and tell them what I have told you. Tell them that I am He that was, He that is, and He that is to come.

These were His words to me then I woke up.

I have passed it across. Please help me forward and share it. Don’t stop this message or else you be held responsible for stopping His message to His people. I know I would not have been given an opportunity to tell the church this in a major national program like Peniel and the likes, but I thank God for this medium.

I rest my case.
*Forwarded as received.*