Share4Christ – Run Child, Run

Kingdom Grace Media
2 min readJan 7, 2023

Hebrews 12:1–2

You are a champion! You are a runner! Run the good race! As you move in your champion stance, make sure your form is directed perfectly on the Lord. Keep your body tall with your eyes fixed on Him. Stay relaxed knowing that He has the perfect pace and path for you to run. Stay warmed up and ready for the race by reading the word and staying in constant prayer. As you prepare to run, listen for the One that will tell you when to go. Trust that He will tell you to move in His perfect timing, and when you go, don’t over jump your start.

As you run, let Him lead you in this race. Take His hand and run in step with Him at His pace. As your feet strike new territory, know that He is by your side. When you are feeling tired, He will fuel you up, so you don’t get worn. When you hit speed bumps, He will help you stride over them with confidence. They may slow you down, but He will give you the endurance to keep on running. When you are feeling heavy, He will carry you.

He understands all your aches and pains during the race, He has suffered too. But He has provided everything you need. He is your fuel. He is the air you need, the water you drink, the food that sustains you. He will keep you going. With Jesus by your side, you can’t fail. Run this race with endurance and with the prize in mind. Your reward is waiting for you.

Don’t get distracted by the things of this world. Keep your eyes on the Lord. Run with Him. The two of you have places to go, people to save, and people to free. Trust that His path may be different than yours, but He promises it’s for your good. Run, Child, run!

Prayer: Thank You Lord for encouraging my heart. You are good and faithful. I choose to run the race You’ve set before me. Help me to stay at Your pace, not too far behind You or too far ahead of You. Help me Lord to keep running no matter how tired I get. Help me to keep on receiving Your fuel of grace. Help me to keep my eyes stayed on You until I finish my course. In Jesus Christ most majestic name, Amen.